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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thinking Of You - Katy Perry Cover

     So second Katy Perry composition in two days.  As Lily Allen pointed out disdainfully, Katy Perry is working with Cathy Dennis so it is no surprise that most of her songs sound like hits.  Cathy Dennis was a minor 80s pop star who then went on to write such songs as I Can't Get You Out Of My Head, which though annoying as all get out, is a tightly constructed song.  So here we have Thinking Of You and it really is a classic pop ballad.  My piano part has a bit too much Bruce Hornsby for my taste, but well, there you have it. 


Correction:  Just looked up the composers of Thinking Of You and it is just Katy Perry.  Which is not to say that in this business other people didn't have their hands in the pot but....good for her!  And apologies...

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