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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne Cover by Molly Pope


"This song is multi-layered on a level with Hamlet. It's either about Jesus and Judas or Obama and Bush...well...except for the rap portion. That's your standard misogynistic proclamation of male sexual prowess. Given the two contrasting portions of the piece (lyric and rap), I think the song is really a dynamic representation of the psychological poles of the male psyche viewed through the lens of a Juedo-Christian-Capitalist-Patriarchal tradition. Or maybe I just went to NYU and learned how to string together impressive sounding phrases like that.

The real thinker with this one is, just what exactly are we supposed to let rock? God? Government? Bitches? Leave it to Lil Wayne to ask the big questions."


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Let It Rock -Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne Cover by Molly Pope

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