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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Radar - Britney Spears Cover by Neal Medlyn

RADAR - Britney Spears Cover

Guest Post by Neal Medlyn!!!

I'd always been frustrated with Britney Spears music. She seemed interesting but those early songs: bleck.

Then Brendan Kennedy turned me on to the wonder that is Britney's last album "Blackout."

This song was on that album but was also included on her new album "Circus" given that her lackadaisical performance at the MTV VMAs in support of "Blackout" seemingly convinced people not to buy that album. Since no one heard it, why not put it on the next album?

I'm hard at work on a show using Britney Spears' songs and I can't quite articulate anything about her yet. I know that I'm not interested in the whole "wages of, I mean fame." I have no interest in "artistic" "commenting" on how fame destroys people.

I feel the same way about the TV show Cops. I'm not watching to laugh or to think how this or that case highlights failures in society, consumerism or any such silliness. If I wanted to get into all that I'd have become a policy maker.

She just reminds me of what it's like to be a teenage cutter or a damaged, formerly popular student or just a kid who occasionally breaks into the school bus to scream and punch the fake leather bus seats until his hands hurt for days.

Neal Medlyn

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