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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Don't Cha- Pussycat Dolls Cover by Carmine Covelli

Guest Post by Carmine Covelli!!!

I have nothing to say about this song so I will let Megadeth fan "Adam" from the review page speak his thoughts...

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How the hell did they get a record deal?, August 25, 2005
By Megadeth fan "Adam" (Rochester, NY) -
"I know some people would base that on image, but its been done so many times before ever since that dumbf**k Pisstina Auguilera appeared. But this makes Christina look like Janis Jopplin. This is so Godawful I would take even Feminem over this (note that Feminem is #1 on my list of people who I want to die). I heard the song "Don't Cha" while flipping through the channels trying to get to Comedy Central (the only good basic cable channel) and I felt like sticking my head in a bear trap. Why? Because the sound of my own death would be much more enjoyable then listening to five seconds of this...this, I dont know. Anyone who calls this music needs to stop and actually realize what they're listening to. And Busta Rhymes? He was good when he was yelling "woohaw!" in the ninties, but now he's just a crappy has been. So seriously, how the hell did these people get a record deal? I have yet to find a halfway decent answer..."

Now, I don't share Megadeth fan "Adam"'s complete and utter disgust for this song, or I wouldn't have spent time recording it, but I thought it would interesting to include a random review from a huge online retail machine. Frankly, these ladies are hot, raunchy and so fun!


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