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Sunday, February 22, 2009

See You In My Nightmares - Kanye West Cover by Neal Medlyn

Hi there America!

Kanye West is the best.

I assume you have gathered that that is the going opinion around these parts, so I'll spare you my gushing feelings about him and how disappointing to me it is that it takes us all so long to catch up with popular culture.

Although, actually, I am going to go into that.

If I may, I would like to call out everyone who spent the entire 80s bemoaning the loss of "authentic" instruments and the advent of synthesizers. Then, at some point in the 90s, they dropped the whole thing and acted like they had seen the ascendancy of hip hop and sampled and synthesized music coming the whole time, never even bothering to justify themselves.

Well, you can't that one past me, America! I have a copy of Details magazine from the late 80s both crying over the loss of Dylan-style "authenticity" and declaring the death of hip hop.

This is what I would do with a time capsule, by the way. Go back in time, carrying 808s & Heartbreak, and rub it in.

Neal Medlyn

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