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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fifteen - Taylor Swift Cover with Bridget Everett

Last night was the February Edition of Our Hit Parade live at Joe's Pub.  It was a smash edition!  Jenn Harris performed a spoken word version of Diva by Beyonce whilst asking people to give her their clothes.  David Neumann performed by Ludacris whilst bouncing on a yoga ball while he filmed himself live into tiles on his mac.  It was insane.  So many other great performances and Bridget killed it with a version of Fifteen that ended with her being covered in Karo Syrup by Jenn Harris in a prom dress.  Here is the full list of performers. 

Varsity Interpretive Dance Squad - American Boy
Billy Eichner - Thinking of You
Carmine Covelli and Adrienne Truscott - Poker Face
Adira Amram with Maresa D'amore Morrison and Jessi Erian - Single Ladies
Neal medlyn - Lovebug
Bridget - Fifteen
David Neumann - One More Drink
Jenn Harris- Diva
Molly Pope - Let It Rock
Lady Rizo and Novice Theory - Live You Life
Whole Cast - Crack A Bottle

As you can see, quite a night!

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