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Monday, February 23, 2009

MEDLEY MONDAYS - Cry and Something In Me Ugly - Rihanna/Suckdog Cover by Neal Medlyn


It's medley Monday and the other day, contemplating Rihanna's current situation, I imagined her song "Cry" combined with this creepy, sad song by Suckdog that I played exactly once because it freaked me the fuck out.

I had found Suckdog's album "Little Flowers Dying" in a second hand clothing store in Manhattan several years ago. I actually mentioned that album to Lisa Carver (a hero of mine and the person behind the band/opera troupe Suckdog) and she said something to the effect that she hated it. I love it. It's sing songy and weird and sad and awful and kinda glorious.

Anyway, here are the two together, at last, given the Radiohead treatment.

Get well soon, Rihanna.


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Cry/Something In Me Ugly - Rihanna/Suckdog Cover by Neal Medlyn

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