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Friday, February 6, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAYS - Straight Up - Paula Abdul Cover by Carmine Covelli

Aww, man!! I think that Paula is dropping another album?!! At the time of me writing this blog post her website had a countdown of 18 hours until her new website and fan page careened onto the world wide web, plus it had a sneak preview of a song from…her new album, maybe? The song is called Boombox!!! "I've got a boombox. You've got batteries." She's definitely not fucking around anymore. She is claiming what is rightfully hers. Which is something that cannot be expressed in words, only through movement.

Oh wait, yep, says it right on the wikipedia page:
"Abdul has been working on a new album, and hopes to have the album out by the end of 2009. Abdul has a mezzo-soprano vocal range."

The information about her range is absolutely fascinating and makes perfect sense for it to be located right next to the info about her highly anticipated new album. Now, when I search for some pics of her I came up with that Skat Cat thing. I didn't remember this but that crazy cat appeared in the "Opposites Attract" video and then went on to release an entire album with songs about Paula, but she had nothing to do with it and didn't even sing on it. I think that's right. The album did horribly.


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Straight UP - Paula Abdul Cover by Carmine Covelli

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