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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Whatever You Like -- TI Cover by Lady Rizo and Moby

Click to Download: Whatever You Like - TI Cover by Lady Rizo and Moby

On special days gets a track made in a real studio! Taking a break from working on their own music, our friends Lady Rizo and Moby laid down this cover

Guest post by Lady Rizo

I first heard this whimsical gem when TI performed it as a live video shoot with a miniskirted busty vide-ho in hand on the VMA's. A single cam shot captured detailed sets of the ultimate 2008 courtship ritual: bling bling at cartier, fur jacket at a swank store, and then of course bringing her to a club -bottle full of bub- and then home to bang her in the bentley. romance.

Then these 7th graders at Ron Clark Academy in Hotlanta did a interpretation of the song entitled "You Can Vote However you Like." They were featured on Good Morning America doing this song and very adorably detailing platform differences between McCain and Obama. I'd hope to see those chil'ren at a future Our Hit Parade, but I think they change too many words. They chose the song themselves and I find it comforting that 12 year olds are equally inspired by lyrics such as

late night sex, so wet, you're so tight.

I suggested to Moby that we do this song and upon listening he agreed whole-heartedly, and wrote to me a little blackberry haiku (poetry majors: i know it is the incorrect amount of syllables for a haiku. Get a job.)

Lyrics are fucking inspired
It should be called
'territorial pissing.'

"i like it because it is a song that promotes gender equality and higher education."

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