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Friday, January 23, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAYS -Like a Virgin Cover with Bridget Everett

So for Flashback Fridays we have a live track for the first time!  Bridget and I used to do this cover in our show At Least It's Pink before it became an all original musical.  Bridget recently sent this to me and even though it is live and has a story in the middle of it that may or may not make sense, I think it has an energy to it.  I'm not a Madonna fan but then again, I'm sure she didn't write this song.  Hold on a second....Yup, just looked it up...Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg are the only writers listed.   I guess this was before pop stars rewrote one word and put their names as one of the composers so they could get publishing fees.  Oh to live in a more innocent time!

Kenny Mellman

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