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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Heartless - Kanye West Cover by Clint Michigan


Just like every over cover Amy and I have attempted, we haven't realized how well written a song is until we break it down and make it depressing!! Rather than go the white people attempting to rap route, we have chosen to take out most of the homies (all but 1), the yo's, and the quick "hey's" that Mr. West likes to throw in the beginning of verses. This is all in an attempt to remain dignified. We recorded in my bedroom and Jaime's(piano) bedroom and try to make it very lo-fi so you can't tell that I can't really sing!


Clint, Michigan

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Heartless - Kanye West Cover by Clint, Michigan

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  1. Beautiful orchestration, but Kanye's lyrics are lamentable.