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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Dance - Lady Gaga Cover

Click to Download: Just Dance - Lady Gaga Cover

I once was at a party and got cornered by a friend's new boyfriend who's entire artistic expression seemed to be taking photos of the light shows at Circuit Parties. For a good hour I was forced to look at albums of picture after picture of blurry light shows. WITH NO PEOPLE IN THE PICTURES! Just pictures of light on ceilings and walls. There were hundreds of these pictures, if not thousands of them. Like a 1970s family vacation slideshow with the reluctant neighbors brought over to watch - with the anticipation of perhaps, a key-party to follow.

The last time I stepped foot in Club Uranus in San Francisco, an awesomely insane queer club in the 90s held at the End-Up, a straight girl in white pumps vomited on my coat just as I got it out of coatcheck. Her boyfriend just nodded as if it happened all the time. End of an era.

I once received a mix-tape ( i know, how quaint) from an ex-boyfriend which consisted almost entirely of songs from the Pet Shop Boys. Now I like the Pet Shop Boys, I like West End Girls more, an all girl Pet Shop Boys coverband, but the Pet Shop Boys are awesome and having met them a couple of times, lovely guys. But the songs on this mix-tape were all from the late period CD Nightlife. "Vampires", "Closer to Heaven", "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk" etc. These were intermingled with Coil, Cindytalk, that sort of thing, When I next saw my ex I asked him what the tape was about, as I didn't really understand why he gave it to me and his exact quote was "Take 5 or 6 Ecstasy tablets and the secret messages will come out". He was going to the Roxy a lot in this period of his life.

Lady Gaga's legend is that she was at every club in NYC at once, absorbing everything about the underground club scene. Now I personally have never seen Lady Gaga anywhere, but still...from Arthur Russell to

"Where are my keys? I lost my phone, phone" ??????????????????????????????

Kenny Mellman

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