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Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Killers - Are We Human?

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First cover of the year. The Killers? Really? Wrote them off as a U2 knock-off. Heard this song on the radio and at first thought it was Pulp-like which is high praise indeed from an old-school Jarvis fan like me. I think now that it is more Blur-like but either way it certainly has that big Brit-pop anthem feeling. I also enjoy the syntax of "are we human? Or are we dancer?". It seems like a big important set of questions, but really I have never once since hearing this song, seriously pondered what Brendan Flowers was trying to say. Not once. And the rest of the lyrics are equally opaque.


"will your system be all right
when you dream of home tonight?
there is no message we're receiving
let me know is your heart still beating"

Anybody? Is he singing the song to Wall-E? Are we all robots? Is it a Blade Runner homage? Is English his second or third language? Hmm....

Kenny Mellman

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  1. I always thought he was maybe singing about Dancer, Santa's reindeer.