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Friday, January 16, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAYS! My Life - Billy Joel Cover with Bridget Everett

Click to Download:My life - Billy Joel Cover by Bridget Everett

Guest Post by Bridget Everett!

my life.  my life?  my life??
laid-off this wednesday.  the zipper closed wednesday.  and i killed my computer.  but that's ok.  next week, i'm getting my ovaries partially removed and going on unemployment.  see?  things are looking up.

got me thinking back in the 80's... when life was good....when i was swimming for the manhattan marlins.  i had a crush on one of my team mates.  robin wilcox.  he was super cute, really fast and a reeeeaaally nice guy.  i wasn't really sure if he liked me back.  so at swim meets i would put billy joel's "honestly" on my head phones, eat a box of jello and stare at him.  i don't think he ever figured it out.  

Bridget Everett

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