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Monday, January 26, 2009

MEDLEY MONDAYS- Rehab- Rihanna/Amy Winehouse Cover

MEDLEY MONDAYS - Rehab-Rihanna/Amy Winehouse Cover

    Okay okay, this will be the last medley that is of two songs with the same title...I swear.

    As it moves closer to the end of the first month of this project I am realizing how hard it is to come up with (hopefully) inventive ways to cover songs.  I plan in the coming months to move from Garageband to Logic, so production will improve.  I also plan to move around stylistically.     So expect a Ska or Industrial cover version of a pop hit soon.  
    I saw Rihanna open for Kanye outside of Philadelphia.  A few friends and I decided it was a good idea to get lawn seats and rent a car and drive there.  The only hotel we could find was near the airport.  it turned out that some school was having their prom there the night we arrived.  the outfits were CRAZY!!!  CRAZY!!!!  
    The next day we arrived at the arena and realized that we were all anywhere from 10 to 20 years older than the rest of the audience.  It was a high school gangbang to the left of us, and a junior high fingerbang to the right of us.  Rihanna was okay but Kanye rocked it.  When he just laid on stage whilst Journey's Don't Stop Believing played over the soundsystem, I fell completely and totally in love.  
     I've never seen Amy Winehouse perform but I have smoked crack (once... years ago out of a coke can... one word...boring) so I feel like we are kindred spirits...

Kenny Mellman

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