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Friday, January 30, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: U + Ur Hand - Pink Cover by Carmine Covelli

This song is one in my hidden list of super pop songs that has a really kick ass drum track that I love. The straightforwardness of the drum playing style. The use of a cowbell (which I chose not to use in my version). The long snare rolls. The strength and anger in her singing. But also her sense of comedy. It's a complete package. My version was created using the infamous Yamaha DD65 drum machine, Neal's bass and my vocal chords.

I first met Cheech, her official nickname that she insisted I use, many years back when I was helping my friends Candyass play a VMA afterparty at some weird event space in Manhattan. They had opened for her on tour and since I was in their crew that night, I got the royal treatment. I think she came out later and surprised the crowd with a performance and I remember vividly that Wayne from The Flaming Lips was there snapping photos of himself with a huginormous camera.

My only complaint is that she now spells her name P!nk, which makes it difficult when trying to quickly dial up one of her kick ass jams in iTunes. Thanks for everything Cheech. You are NOT dead!

– Carmine

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