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Sunday, March 1, 2009

F##K YOU - Lily Allen Cover with Brendan Kennedy

So a couple of beers may have been consumed with Brendan's parents before we recorded this Lily Allen cover. I also will confess that pasta was being made during the recording to soak up some of the delicious beer. A cold Sunday afternoon, a beer garden, and now Lily Allen. I think we were maybe a little too excited to watch Kanye on VH1 Storytellers. Which is on right now, and, in a word...AMAZING. He is a performance artist.

PS Brendan told me to write that Lily Allen refused to do his MTV show, so he's over it..."Oh what? We hang out for three days at the beginning of your career, first cameraman to shoot you in the USA and you're too busy to come on my show? Fine...i get it..You're an international superstar. WHATEVAH... Rude"

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