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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Angels On The Moon - Thriving Ivory Cover

     I had never heard of Thriving Ivory before seeing their name on the iTunes top 100.  Turns out that this song is one of the most covered song by guitar playing fans all over youtube.  The band actually put together a montage of their favorites and then put that on youtube.

      My favorite moment is the sign language girl.  So cute.  But I have a soft-spot for sign language. One of my drama teachers taught us to sign "You've Got A Friend" in class one year.  Not sure what it had to do with acting.  I think it was just something she knew and was wasting time.  With my friend Susan Slome, I wrote a musical called Street Antigone that we put on in this teacher's class.  it was quite something.  Perhaps one day I'll put a song up from it. I can still remember two of them.  Not awful...but awful...I mean, c'mon, Street Antigone?  Okay here's a lyric

"hey, stop, look!  She's burying the body!"


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