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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Simple Song - Miley Cyrus Cover by Neal Medlyn

Oh man, do I love this Halloween "Screams" CD. I have used it in many, many shows and it never fails to crack me the fuck up.

I also have a stated liking for the songs and persona of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, although these two 'likes' put together seem to suggest otherwise, what with all the voices in terror screaming for me to stop singing her simple song...

This also brings to mind my very, very first live performance where I heckled myself.

I was living in Austin and had an ultimately ill-fated plan to start performing at poetry open mics, so I went, signed up, put a tape player on a stool near the stage, turned it on, got onstage and started telling very mundane facts about myself. The tape recorder started playing all these angry heckles and I, onstage, tried to ignore them and keep going until it was all too much and I walked out of the coffee shop. Farris, I think, retrieved my tape player for me....

Ah, youth.

Til next time, America!


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