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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Play This On The Radio - 50 Cent Cover by Neal Medlyn

Guest Post by Neal Medlyn

I've been getting all kinds of emails from people out there in Our Hit Parade land saying I've gone soft. One emailer sent this:

"Dear Neil, You are soft. You used to be so crazy and buck wild and now all you do are religious medleys for this blog!!!! That is LAME!! Keny does all these awesome songs and Bridgett is so cool and pretty and you can't hack it. I noticed you changed songs at the last minute in the last Hit Parade because once ou heard all the new exciting directions Keny and Bridgett were going in, you had to re-think yr whole deal. Well, here's hopeing you come with something good.
For once!
You are already tha weekest link in Our Hit Parade, why are you sukcing so much harder now? You are soft and I do not like you."

So here's my response song to all you mufuckers!


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Play This On The Radio - 50 Cent Cover by Neal Medlyn

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