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Friday, May 15, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAYS - Penny Lover - Lionel Ritchie Cover by Neal Medlyn


As most people know, since riding around in my mom's navy Oldsmobile as a child, I have been in love with the music of Lionel Richie. The sound of absolutely everything being completely and totally under control is so very appealing! There's just no chance that anything untoward is going to happen while Lionel is on the microphone and in seeking to emulate that wonderful quality, I made this song as smooth as possible, even recording it in a music studio with an engineer.

I made an album of Lionel Richie songs to accompany my first pop song opera in 2005 or so and this song, while not in the show, was my favorite one, so here it is for you young lovers out there.


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Penny Lover - Lionel Ritchie Cover by Neal Medlyn

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