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Friday, May 22, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAYS -Brandy - Looking Glass Cover by Neal Medlyn

This is a cover of "Brandy" by Looking Glass that I made for an episode of NEAL MEDLYN'S LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE, my internet TV show with Carmine Covelli. It was a weekly soap opera in which stuffed animals and live pets live in a magical room in my apartment and plot to sleep with and destroy each other. We made 16 episodes for

Watch episodes of it here:
(the episode in question, episode 8, is here: )

This was my mom's favorite song in the 70s, a fact that fascinates me for some reason. I think since she died, which was the worst thing that happened to me, I have fascinations about things that normally would just elicit shrugs. Now they've acquired some sort of smoky mystery.


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Brandy - Looking Glass Cover by Neal Medlyn

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