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Friday, May 8, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAYS - I Eat Dinner - McGarrigle Cover


One of my favorite songs from the McGarrigles. I have had an intense love of them since I was about 17 when Rolling Stone put out a list of the top 100 albums and their album Dancer With The Bruised Knees was on the list. Beautiful. I also discovered Richard and Linda Thompson this way. I have had the amazing joy of meeting both the McGarrigles and Linda Thompson in my life. I, in fact, met them both the same night. It was a Rufus Wainwright concert at the Fez here in NYC. The promoter of the event asked if I wanted to meet Linda Thompson. I almost fell over when we were introduced and she said that she loved our show. This was a woman I had idolized since I was 17! I still do. Perhaps next week I'll do a Linda Thompson cover...

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