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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whatever You Like - TI via Weird Al Yankovic Cover by Neal Medlyn


I've long had a soft spot for Weird Al. At some point in my youth, I had all of his albums up to that point on tape. I laughed out loud for about a week when I saw his video for "Fat" and he got his hand stuck in a mouse trap.

No real reason to jazz it up this much except that nothing says recession so much as dead art-forms like jazz. Oh snap! But come on, you all know that jazz is dead, right? Not that you'd know it by the amount of time and energy that is devoted to, shall we say, making love to that particular corpse.

But still, it's dead and there's not space here to go into all the reasons why. Nor is there space to go into why it's a good thing, either.

It's just that this recession just brings to mind all the things that died with the end of the last boom. I think, for me, forever associated with this last bout of ugly faced prosperity would be my experience doing a show that was seemingly heavily marketed to those who were flush with all that undue, dubious, fictitious and fractious money.

There was just something about those guffawing faces in their too fancy clothes, trying to take digital pictures of themselves grabbing my penis that seemed like an unsuccessful virus: not adapted to survive and flaming out fast.

Turns out that's what happened to their economy, and hopefully those nasty people are boo hooing their ways into jazz!

See, it came back around after all, this blog post!

Anyway, I have a secret plan to do a Weird Al show one of these days. Don't steal this idea cuz I'm very, very excited about it. I feel like it might be the most post-modern thing one could ever do, therefore I'm saving it for my next museum gig assuming, in this economy, one of those ever comes back around...



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