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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shuttin' Detriot Down - John Rich Cover by Neal Medlyn

Guest Post by Neal Medlyn

Here's a recession song for you, America. I had wandered around my house all morning thinking of the title before I heard it through and got all mad thinking that the song was about how we Detroit could go fuck itself.

I got all in a kerfuffle that my fellow Southerners are always so quick to suggest bad come to others, as in Toby Keith kicking such and such in the ass and so forth. So imagine my surprise when I listened and realized the song was on the side of Detroit.

Just goes to show just cuz you grew up in a place that might spawn the sentiment that Detroit or some other city could go to hell for all you care, you can still be surprised by your countrymen.


CLICK TO DOWNLOAD - Shuttin' Detroit Down - John Rich Cover by Neal Medlyn

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