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Monday, February 1, 2010

Use Somebody - Trapper Felides with Molly Ephraim and Gideon Glick

I love Trapper. Vocal Coach to most of the kids in Broadway shows, he has been bringing the goods to Our Hit Parade now for almost a year. Here he mashes together Kings of Leon with a darn good story from Shakespeare. I was sad to miss Nature Theater of Oklahoma's production of Romeo and Juliet that just played NYC. They based it on interviews they conducted with people about what they thought the plot was of Romeo and Juliet. I guess most people really had no idea.
This song won Kings of Leon a Grammy award for best record last night. I was just happy that Taylor Swift won Album of the year. In the cab back from viewing the Grammys at a friend's house, I made the mistake of commenting on someone's Facebook post that bemoaned the fact that Lady Gaga didn't win the award. The lashing out I got was worthy of me saying the world isn't round. A hot tip: DON'T COMMENT ON FACEBOOK POSTS BY PEOPLE YOU HARDLY KNOW!

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