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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Amber Martin - Consider Me Gone - Our Hit Parade

This was the number one country song of the month at last month's edition of Our Hit Parade. Amber Martin, with PJ Deboy on guitar, who you might recognize for his work in Shortbus, killed it...Reba McIntyre just keeps putting out hit and hit and hit. She really is multi-talented. Broadway, television and now a number one country hit. again....

I really kinda love this song and I love Amber and Paul's rendition.


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  1. Dear Kenny Mellman.

    First, I love your site and the things you folks do, and chronicle, in real life.

    Second, I loved your rendition of 'Alejandro'.

    I have put it up here, but, if you would like me to take it down, I will.

    Sepiru Chris

  2. Dear Kenny,

    As a later aside, I hadn't actually watched the Reba/Amber/PJ piece yet.

    Amber did nail that one.

    And, if I had kids, I would want them to be on singing terms with Bridget. How cool is that previous jam? Too cool to miss out on.

    And Neal's fireflies? Magical.

    Frankly, your piano was lost on me for the first two go arounds because I was so lost in the stage virgin's reactions and in Neal's mastery of the moment.

    The love-in could continue, 'cause you folks are clearly living, and living well. But I'm sure you can feel it through the e-ether.

    And Alejandro?

    Well picked, well packed, and well played on my ipod--and, hopefully, on a few others.

    Speaking of that... The downloaded copy of your cover of Alejandro that I have is 148 in ipodspeak...

    You wouldn't happen to have a 320 version of that available, would you?


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