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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Hit Parade - Today Was a Fairytale

We opened January's edition of Our Hit Parade with a medley of Taylor Swift's new song, Today Was A Fairytale with Something There from Beauty and The Beast. Not sure how this medley popped into my head, but add on Bridget dressed as a princess and Neal with a Bear Head covering his hair, and it all added up to a pretty darn good opening for the show. I will be rooting for Taylor Swift tonight on the Grammy Awards. And I cannot believe that Lady Gaga and Elton John are performing a duet! What will they be singing? Will this be as controversial as Elton's duet with Eminem? I was once kissed on the lips by Elton John. It was quite an evening in London...
Also we went as saw Tyler Perry live in Madea's Big Happy Family. It was possibly the best 3 hours I have ever spent in the theater. A compelling story, big musical numbers and Tyler Perry. He is right when he has said that if you haven't seen Madea in a live show, you haven't really experienced Madea. He was like Murray Hill,Dame Edna and Richard Pryor all rolled up into one hysterical and yet poignant package. Five star entertainment. And if that wasn't enough, we also met Martha Stewart at the restaurant we went to before the show. She leaned over to our table and asked if any of us could fix her cellphone. With the help of an online manual we fixed her phone and she showed us pictures of her new cats. She is awesome!


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