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Monday, June 8, 2009

MEDLEY MONDAYS - Goodbye/Death Of The Autotune - Kristana Debarge and Jay-Z medley (with a little Britney thrown in!)

Today's Medley is a co-production with Brendan Kennedy. Since this medley uses as its base the old ditty Goodbye, by the fictitious band Steam, we could have continued adding songs in such as Wall-E's song with Lady Gaga and numerous more. Perhaps at some point I will do an hour-long show with this as the backing track but extend it to an hour, and just sing all of the songs that have sampled it...And tell stories of regret and leaving...

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Goodbye/Death of Autotune - Kristina Debarge/Jay-Z Cover with Brendan Kennedy

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  1. mellman, this song also has amazing grace.